The Cordoba holds the pressure and is thrown towards salvation

Cordoba still determined not to be one of the teams that accompany Lorca Atlético and Sevilla to Second B and overtook another direct rival like Almería thanks to an own goal by René in the first part and against postrera Quim Araujo. Although in the middle had to suffer the push of the rojiblancos, who fought with great courage, those of Sandoval, who have deducted 13 points with salvation in three months, depend on themselves to save themselves. Almeria, which suffers its first defeat with Fran Fernández on the bench and has only 'scratched' three draws in its last seven trips, ended with ten players, because Sulayman was sent off in the 72nd minute after seeing two yellow cards in just 22 minutes

After a very bad day for their interests, the Cordoba came out determined by the three points, before an Almeria that wanted to play with the blanquiverdes anxiety. Edu Ramos signed the first attempt, which René sacked as he could. It was better for the goal to another shot with bad intention of Aguado and that he took a corner in a splendid way. The Cordoba found the ball and spaces, always guided by Reyes, although in the end the goal did not come in any of those attempts, which also participated Aguza, but with an unfortunate action. The shot from Guardiola to pass Fernandez was touched by a defender and the ball gave René to become an own goal.Get the highest odds on apustas en directo.

After the 1-0, Almeria took a step forward and began to have more ball and combine. In his best action of the first part, a center by Fidel left only Tino Costa, who was wrong to top off the head of the first instead of controlling, because he was alone. Then Jesús Valentín dared a lack in the front but sent it out. In the second part, the Cordoba got back, perhaps too much, and the Almería began to arrive in attack. Nano claimed a penalty from Fernandez and Pozo another from Javi Galán, while Juan Muñoz scored, although offside. The Almerians broke the schemes the expulsion of Sulayman, when Fran Fernandez had put two points with Hicham.

The Cordoba, who especially had the option of the second in a shot of Aguza that took René, tried to defend with order not to lose their advantage in the last minutes but in the last action, a great ride by Quim Araujo allowed him to score the second and recover the particular average against possible with Almeria. Those of Sandoval depend on themselves by the Almería-Alcorcón of the next day. Data sheet.- 2.- Córdoba CF: Kieszek; Fernández, Quintanilla, Aythami, Jesús Valentín, Javi Galán; Edu Ramos, Aguza (Narváez 80 '), Aguado (Vallejo 69'), Reyes (Quim Araujo m.60); and Sergi Guardiola. 0.- UD Almería: René; Marco Motta, Joaquín, Trujillo, Pervis Estupiñán; Sulayman, Tino Costa (Well 60 '), Fidel, Rubén Alcaraz, Nano (Hicham 68'); and Juan Muñoz (Verza 74 '). Referee: Pulido Santana (Canarian College). He ejected Sulayman for a double yellow (50 'and 73') and cautioned Rubén Alcaraz (15 '), Reyes (22'), Motta (27 '), Aythami (59'), Pozo (62 '), Vallejo (84) ') and Edu Ramos (90'). Goals: 1-0, 24 ', René, in own door. 2-0, 93 'Quim Araujo Incidents: Match of the 40th round of LaLiga 123 played in El Arcángel before 18,867 spectators.